Doctor Lutfor Rahman

Cardiac Surgeon
MBBS (Dhaka Medical),
MS - Cardiac Surgery (National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases)

Doctor Lutfor Rahman, a pioneer of beating heart surgery in Bangladesh. With the revolutionary method of beating heart surgery he has successfully completed around 7500+ cases. He keeps the patient’s heart beating during operation. However, in this regard he uses a device named OCTOPUS from USA to keep patient's heart beating at the time of surgery.

Early Life:

Doctor Lutfor Rahman is from Pabna the north-western district of Bangladesh almost 223 Kilometer away from the capital Dhaka. He completed his SSC exam from Pabna Salim Najir School in 1979. Two years later in 1981, he passed his HSC exam from Brajalal College in Khulna. To fulfill his ambition to be a prestigious doctor, he got admitted to Dhaka Medical College and passed his MBBS in 1988 with excellent academic background. Later on he completed his MS in Cardiac Surgery from NICVD in 1997 and joined as an assistant professor. After a decade of government service he joined Shikder Medical Hospital as Chief Surgeon, with in three year in 2004 he started to work in Labaid Cardiac Hospital as the Chief Cardiac Surgeon.

Personal Life/ Family:

Doctor Lutfor Rahman is 3rd son of his parents. He was born in 1st January 1962. He got married on the valentine's day of 1991 with his beloved Rana Ferdous Ratna, who is a Sociologist, working in Shah Ali College in Mirpur Dhaka. He has a daughter and a son. His daughter Farisha Khan is student of Law at The School of Oriental and African Studies under University of London and son Farial Khan is student of level 6 in Sunbeams School Dhaka.

Doctor Lutfor Rahman and cardiac surgery:

At around 1960, Cardiac Surgery started to get attention of Surgeons all over the world. However, at the beginning it was not so easy to perform but gradually it improved with the help of modern technologies as well as techniques.

After two decades Bangladesh comes to the light of Cardiac Surgery with the help of Japanese, American, British and Indian Surgeons. At that time only government hospitals use to perform cardiac surgery. From 1977 to 1999 private hospitals step into cardiac surgery. At that time cardiac surgery was mostly done by Indian surgeons. Doctors began to use modern technique and equipment after 2000 where contribution of Indian and other foreign surgeons were undeniable.

Doctor Lutfor Rahman worked with late Professor Nabi Khan, S R Khan and others well known surgeons in NICVD. In 1999 Doctor Rahman stepped into private hospital therefore he joined in Sikder Medical and worked with Indian skilled surgeons Marali Vettath, Dilip Misra, Dr. Jagganath, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Ramakanth along with Indian anesthetics and nurses.

However, Dr. Rahman’s performance was impressive and soon he acquired the position of Head of Cardiac Surgery in Sikder Medical in 2002. His fame upraised quickly as he achieves confident of management of hospital as well as patients with excellent success like more than 99% success. After glorious three years of service in Sikder Medical he moves to Labaid Cardiac Hospital as the Chief Cardiac Surgeon and still he is working there. He specializes not only in just heart bypass surgeries but also in valve replacement, ASD, VSD, TOF, SVR procedure and a lot more. He is the only expert surgeon of Total Arterial Bypass Surgery in Bangladesh.

Doctor Rahman stared beating heart surgery with a France surgeon Aktar Ali Rama. He got encourage of beating heart surgery from Bhabananda Das (B. N. Das) of Apollo Hospital Delhi. To the legendary cardiac surgeon Lutfor Rahman beating heart surgery is the smartest and safe way to perform bypass surgery as it doesn’t take much time, a surgeon comfortably complete 4-5 cases in a day. It has other benefits too, such as doesn’t need extra blood, can be done with other disease like kidney problem or diabetics, even a patient doesn’t need to stay in hospital for long.


Dr. Bidhan Chandra Raj Award for contributing to and modernizing cardiac surgery in Bangladesh and bringing back confidence in the profession.

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