Keeping The Heart Beating

-- Nazia Manzoor

Keeping The Heart Beating

'A good physician must be like a mother and must have the right instinct when the patient needs him' says young, energetic heart surgeon, Dr. Lutfor Rahman of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital.

Regarded as one of the best heart surgeons of the country, this -enthusiastic doctor knows nothing about slowing down.

On an average he performs four operations per day. He has perfected the 'technique of performing surgery on a beating heart in his own unique fashion. He is not even fussy about taking on cases rejected by other hospitals. He specializes not only in just heart bypass surgeries but also in valve replacement, ASD, VSD and a lot more.

At this moment he is considered one of the best heart surgeons of South Asia. And why not?

It is his skills that are giving Lab Aid the kind of fame it has already achieved. What makes him stand out? 'Not my job, but my commitment'. For him, leading his team of efficient anesthetists at surgeons is the main thing. He doesn't believe in shortcuts in treatment. All his patients are handled and taken care of by him. His juniors are his responsibility, but his patients need him personally. However, his work does not leave him with much time to do anything else. Nevertheless spending time with his family is very important to him. 'Be it a good dish or a trip abroad or a swim with all of them,' he enjoys family life tremendously. Satisfied with what he has achieved already, all he cares io do is now pass on his skills to younger surgeons of the country.

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